Integral Movement and Performance Praxis

The Lispa Neo Institute as an independent department of Lispa Berlin offers workshops and modular full time programs for personal and professional development. We address practitioners in the devising, healing and educational arts interested in exploring a unique creative process, which takes the dialogue with one’s own body as a point of departure for the creation of performances, rituals and social dialogue.

Integrating core concepts of archetypal psychology, the Jungian concept for personal growth, cornerstones of Jacques Lecoq's teachings on embodiment and masks, and the initiatic process work of Maria Hippius and Karlfried Graf Duerckheim, Integral Movement and Performance Practice offers a completely new and groundbreaking approach to a more embodied sense of Self realisation as an artist and fully embodied human being.

The full time program with its modular structure is specifically designed for practitioners, who are interested in a deeper process, but cannot stay for an entire year or two in Berlin. It is planned that Rose Bruford College in London will offer an MA degree for the completion of all levels of the IMPP Program in 2018.

Short Courses 2017

27.11. - 08.12. 2017
Connecting with the Self

Full Time Program 2018-2020

LEVEL 1 - Module 1 26.02. - 23.03.2018
Liminality in Art and Life

LEVEL 1 - Module 2 20.08. - 14.09.2018
Crossing the Threshold
Learning to listen to the Body

LEVEL 2 - Module 3 25.02. - 12.04.2019
Moving into the Shadow Land
Illuminating the Unlived in One’s Own Life and Culture

LEVEL 2 - Module 4 19.08. - 04.10.2019
Breaking New Grounds
The Artist as Bringer of Chaos and New Visions

LEVEL 3 - Module 5 To be completed by 31.03.2020
Personal Project

The subsequent full time program in IMPP will run from November 2018 to March 2021.

More detailed information about contents and fees in the IMPP brochure under Downloads