One-week IMPP workshop: Connecting with the Self: November 2017

LISPA is excited to announce our first week-long workshop of the 2017/18 Season, as an introduction to the work of our new Integral Movement and Performance Praxis (IMPP) program. 

Connecting with the Self

27. November - 01. December 2017
Monday to Friday
EDEN Studios, Berlin
Course Fee : 600,00 Euro
Application deadline : 06.10.17

The workshop introduces participants to ways of being in touch with one’s creative sources through mask, movement, myth and ritual, moving towards an understanding of the creative process as an often rather challenging dialogue between Ego and Self. We will explore post Jungian concepts of Ego, Shadow and Self, their different roles in the creative process and how to foster a dialogue between them in order to make better use of our creative potential.

The work combines a highly movement-based approach with playfulness, expressive arts process work and critical reflection through reading and discussion groups. One on one process work, group improvisations and the devising of performances will give the workshop a rich and intense structure. 

Attendance at an introductory workshop is a requirement for applications to be considered for the full IMPP Program. This workshop is the final opportunity for participants who are interested in applying for the next IMPP cycle, Level 1 starting on February 26, 2018.

If you are interested in applying for this workshop and/or the full IMPP cycle, please contact us via our website contact form here.  As always, we advise early applications to avoid the possibility of being placed onto the waiting list.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us - we are always happy to help!
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