Devising Theatre and Performance October 2016

October 2016 Full-time Devising Theatre and Performance Practice 32 weeks

Also available in 12-week modules

The new prospectus for the full-time postgraduate-level course is here!

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"The program addresses advanced practitioners in the field of theatre and the performing arts who wish to increase their artistic competence as creators of their own work. Rooted in the teachings of the late Jacques Lecoq, the pedagogical matrix of the program wishes to inspire the making of the theatre of tomorrow - young, innovative and dynamic - created in a more holistic way using the creative potential of the ensemble, an interdisciplinary approach and the embodied knowledge of the human body in motion.

Students are invited to investigate in practice and theory those dynamics, which govern the inter-connectedness of body and space, internal and external, motion and emotion and apply them to the creation of original work, fostering a writing from and for the body. The program aims at writers, performers, actors, dancers, choreographers and directors, who wish to learn from and with each other in an international environment and in contact with an international team of facilitators and practitioners."

Terms are divided into 12 weeks + 12 weeks + 8 weeks, beginning on 3rd October 2016 and completing the 32 week course on 9th June 2017.

All teaching takes place at the EDEN Studios in Berlin. Lead Teachers on all Modules are Thomas Prattki and Amy Russell, supported by additional members of LISPA's pedagogical team, with regular movement, improvisation and devising sessions.

Fees for 32 weeks are €9800; for one 12-week module the Fees are €3900. 

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