Weekend Workshop January 2016

LISPA is proud to present another Weekend Workshop in London, in January 2016 in association with the London International Mime Festival 2016:

The Poetic Body   

Taught by Thomas Prattki, Founder and Director of LISPA, and other members of the LISPA team, at 3 Mills Studios in London

Sat 30  Jan (10am - 5pm) and Sun 31 January 2016 (10am - 3.30pm)

£120 for the two days

This weekend workshop explores the idea of embodiment as a key element in the process of developing original art.  Through use of the Neutral Mask, a cornerstone of LISPA’s teaching philosophy, participants are invited to make links between movement and emotion, life and art, the physical body and the poetic body.   Additionally the work will serve to gain a deeper understanding of the essential dynamic forces within any art form, their vital function in the construction of artistic work, and how to apply them to dramatic creation. This workshop is designed for those practitioners interested in exploring physical theatre. It also serves as a preparation for the Devising Theatre and Performance workshop.

The idea of the performer as a creator of her/his own work is no longer a fringe phenomenon, but reflects the broad desire of an entire generation of performers to develop their very own artistic voice and to take creative responsibility in shaping their vision of life. This two-day workshop offers an introduction to both collaborative and individually devised theatre and performance practice. It addresses all performers, dancers, actors, directors and teachers who have a specific interest in the idea of devising original work.

For information about how to apply please Contact the School

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