London Summer School 28th June - last call for applications


Please contact the school for more information on how to apply.


LISPA London Summer School - An Introduction to the Journey

Monday 28th June - Thursday 9th July

Workshop Hours : Monday – Friday 10.00-12.30 ; 13.15-16.00

Presentations of Lispa’s fulltime students will take place in week 2 in the late afternoons and evenings.

This 2-week Intensive will take place on our premises at 3 Mills Studios in East London and gives an introduction to LISPA’s pedagogy for the devising artist interested in creating her/his own work in the performing arts. Rooted in the teachings of Jacques Lecoq, the pedagogy is strongly movement based, using the movement of the human body in response to the surrounding world as a point of departure in the creative process. The workshop will introduce the poetics of embodiment through approaches to music, painting and poetry, offers insights into the use of masks as a way to create dramatic narratives, and will give participants an opportunity to explore the process of creating original work through collaboration with fellow participants.

Participants will be invited to see the final project work of the students on LISPA’s full-time courses, which will be presented at 3 Mills during the second week of the summer school. Workshop participants interested in applying for the full-time courses will also have the chance to discuss the training with current students.


The course will be taught by members of the LISPA team led by Thomas Prattki and Amy Russell.

Fees : £650.00

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