Clown & Comical Worlds starts 20th February


Professional Development Program 2011-2012

Module 6: Clown and Comical Worlds

20th February - 8th March 2012

Over three weeks (12 full working days) the students will work closely with LISPA's teaching team to investigate different areas of the school's pedagogy.

This module invites participants to travel through different comical universes in order to find out which best suit their personal sense of humour.

Starting with the discovery of one’s own clown, participants learn to use the paradox of comical logic, where it is only through the celebration of the failing and falling, that one discovers the humorous side of life, with all its mysterious, tragic, and sometimes funny, twists and turns.

The work then moves towards the exploration of specific territories, from the Absurd, to the Burlesque, and concludes with a presentation of the work devised by the participants.  


For students with financial difficulties, some special discount vouchers are available.

If you are interested in attending this Module, please contact the school for more information using our Contact Form

Read about the full Professional Development Program Syllabus here

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