Buffons/Parody/Grotesque starts 30th January


Professional Development Program 2011-2012

Module 5: Buffons, Parody and the Grotesque

30th January - 16th February 2012

Over three weeks (12 full working days) the students will work closely with LISPA's teaching team to investigate different areas of the school's pedagogy.

Buffons come from elsewhere and originate in the magic myths within each culture and the mystery of the Transcendent and the Tragic. They differ from us; they have a grotesque body and a visionary mind.  They find great pleasure in making fun of us without being offensive and allow us a glance beyond the horizon of the Known, where a different order allows the existence of completely different worlds.  This module explores the different theatrical manifestations of buffoons, based on the cultural heritage of the participants and opens a pathway to contemporary parody, political satire and grotesque theatre.

Taking fantastical myths, science fiction and other mysterious worlds as a point of departure, the work will move towards the exploration of the Grotesque in contemporary culture and its transposition through performance.


The module will finish with a presentation of the participants’ explorations at LISPA


For students with financial difficulties, some special discount vouchers are available.

If you are interested in attending this Module, please contact the school for more information using our Contact Form

Read about the full Professional Development Program Syllabus here

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