Devising Theatre and Performance led by Thomas Prattki

28th/29th January 2012

£100 for the two days


LISPA hosts its annual weekend workshop in association with the London International Mime Festival. Contact the school for details using our Contact page or our Request Information page.

A new generation of performing artists is changing the landscape of today’s theatre. What began a few decades ago as an avant-garde movement has changed the vision of main stream theatre as well. The idea of the performer as a creator of her/his own work is no longer a fringe phenomenon, but reflects the broad desire of an entire generation of performers to develop their very own artistic voice and to take creative responsibility in shaping their vision of life. This two-day workshop taught by Thomas Prattki, will give an introduction into LISPA’s teachings for the devising artist. It addresses all performers, dancers, actors, directors and teachers in the field of the performing arts who have an interest in the idea of creating original work.

More information about the London International Mime festival can be found at this link.

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