Dramatic Storytelling starts 9th January 2012


Professional Development Program 2011-2012

Module 4: Dramatic Storytelling

9th - 26th January 2012

Over three weeks (12 full working days) the students will work closely with LISPA's teaching team to investigate different areas of the school's pedagogy.


Storytelling exists in every human culture.  Whether listening to a story told around a fire or watching computer animated images on a movie screen – stories stimulate our imagination and give us comfort and meaning.   This module focuses on the fundamental principles of how to construct a dramatic story through use of collectively created images, music, movement and text, as well as looking at the use of space, time and rhythm for dramatic orchestration on stage. Whether creating an epic story on a small platform or a melodrama on an empty stage, this work seeks to provoke both the image-making capacity of the playful and poetic actor/performer/creator, and the collaborative creation of original work. 

The module will finish with a presentation of the participants’ explorations at LISPA


For students with financial difficulties, some special discount vouchers are available.

If you are interested in attending this Module, please contact the school for more information using our Contact Form

Read about the full Professional Development Program Syllabus here

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