Commedia and Human Comedy starts 21 November

Professional Development Program 2011-2012

Module 3: Commedia and Human Comedy

21st November - 8th December 2011

Over three weeks (12 full working days) the students will work closely with LISPA's teaching team to investigate different areas of the school's pedagogy.

Module 3 offers an introduction into the world of Commedia with its classical stock characters, its highly transposed levels of play and its humorous take on the contradictions of the human condition. Participants will bring to life the traditional masks of commedia, play classical scenarios and write their own lazzi.

In a second phase the traditional archetypes will be applied to modern times, allowing the participants to create their own scenarios and get a taste of contemporary Human Comedy.

For students with financial difficulties, some special discount vouchers are available.

If you are interested in attending this Module, please contact the school for more information using our Contact Form

Read about the full Professional Development Program Syllabus here


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