The Neutral Mask Short Course starts 31st October

Professional Development Program 2011-2012

Module 2: The Neutral Mask

31st October - 17th November 2011

This intensive short course serves as an introduction to the work of the school. Over three weeks (12 full working days) the students will work closely with LISPA's teaching team to investigate different areas of the school's pedagogy.

Module 2 is designed as an extension of module 1, deepening the process of embodiment through use of the Neutral Mask; one of the cornerstones of LISPA’s pedagogy.

The mask invites participants to connect not only with their own personal physicality, imagination and emotional richness, but also with the experience of what we all have in common.  It is through an embodied awareness for this universal dimension, whether it manifests itself in the collective archetypal images of the human imagination, the physical confrontation with the laws of gravity or in the social and cultural paradigms of a particular Zeitgeist, that the artist will be stimulated to develop her/his unique personal artistic vision or express the common voice of her/his generation.  The module will propose a physical and poetic journey through the landscapes of our collective and personal imagination, leading to an exploration of the universal dynamics in play within tragedy, comedy and drama and their application to creating and devising.

For students with financial difficulties, some special discount vouchers are available.

If you are interested in attending this Module, please contact the school for more information using our Contact Form

Read about the full Professional Development Program Syllabus here

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