Student feedback

"A life changing experience that will positively affect me for decades to come, not only because it opened my eyes to all the possibilities of making theatre but also to a new way of seeing and tasting life."

"The pedagogical journey is beautifully crafted and the sensitivity, virtuosity, humility and individuality of the teachers makes this school truly incredible. Here I have been able to explore so many facets of who I am as an artist - from my playfulness as a performer to my interest in the abstract or poetic, to my passion and abilities as a director and writer - here at the school all of these elements have come together. And in the course of this journey, I have touched on several beginnings of theatrical languages, which are truly my own."

"It's been the most eye opening, vital time of my life."

"During my two years at LISPA I have received beyond my expectations in regaining a love of the theatre and live performance, and I thank all the teachers, the school and its students deeply for that experience which no book could have reinstated in me."

"Every day a new epiphany!"

"I thank my lucky stars everyday for bringing me to this school, the amount of tools and questions and inspiration I got over the last two years. And I am certain I could not get all of that with such an intricate quality and respect for the craft anywhere else."

"It is generosity that is at the heart of LISPA, pumping inspiration and curiosity through the teachers and into the students."

"I am greatly inspired by the quality of teaching and the depth that is being offered at LISPA. Thank you for restoring my hope in education."

"The teachers' tolerance and respect to every single student gave me a great lesson. And I have been astonished by how their support gave every individual the possibility to create their own theatre."

"I have truly loved being in such a warm, nurturing environment and I look forward to discovering more and more as time goes on"